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The rabbi's cat and the rabbi's master

The story

The rabbi's cat reading

The Rabbi's Cat is the story of a speaking cat living in Alger in the beginning of 20th century. He can speak since he ate the house parrot.

Rabbi forbid then him to see his daughter Zlabya because the cat tells only lies or hurtful truths. In order to see again his mistress the rabbi's cat asks then to do his Bar Mitzvah.

Through all the albums, the cat will loose and find back his ability to speak. Sometime he will be only able to speak with other animals or just few people like the russian painter.

He is the narrator of the story. With him, we discover Algerian Jewish culture. He observes with lot of criticism behavior of humans surrounding him. He will travel to Paris for meeting Jules (Zlabya husband) parents, or through Africa for finding Jerusalem of Africa.

This comic is a wonderful tale that help us to discover Sephardi Jews culture.

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