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The rabbi's cat and Zlabya

The movie

Poster of the movie The Rabbi's Cat

This movie directed by Joann Sfar and Antoine Delesvaux will take stories of albums 1, 2 and 5. It will be released for the 1st of June 2011. It will be a 3D animation.


Alger, in the twenties. The rabbi Sfar lives with his daughter Zlabya, a noisy parrot and a mischievous cat that will eat the parrot and start to speak for telling only lies. The rabbi wants to drive him apart. But the cat, totally in love with his mistress, will do everything to stay with her ... even do his Bar Mitzvah! The rabbi will have to teach to his cat basis of Moïse law ! A mail will tell the rabbi that in order to keep his profession, he must pass a French examen. For helping him, the cat will do an act of sacrilege by calling the name of God. The rabbi will pass his examen but the cat does not speak anymore. He is considered again as a normal animal. His only friend will soon be a Russian painter looking for a dream Jerusalem where lives black Jews. This painter will manage to convince the rabbi, an old Czar solder, a singer and the rabbi's cat to follow him on colonial road...

Source : UGC Distribution



First pictures from the movie


Technical details

  • Length: 80min
  • Screenplay: Sandrina Jardel and Joann Sfar
  • Direction: Joann Sfar and Antoine Delesvaux
  • Music: Olivier Daviaud
  • Budget: 12.5 M€

Files about the movie

Presentation of The Rabbi's Cat movie by the studio: Chat_du_Rabbin.pdf 1,015.58 kB
Article from Studio Ciné Live magazine (french): chat_du_rabbin_studio_cine_live.pdf 1.10 MB
Article from Studio Ciné Live magazine - 2nd part (french): chat_du_rabbin_studio_cine_live_2.pdf 997.69 kB
Article from Studio Ciné Live magazine - 3rd part (french): studio_cine_live_ep3.pdf 1.55 MB
Press kit of the movie The Rabbi's Cat: le-chat-du-rabbin-dossier-de-presse.pdf 1.46 MB

External links

> Movie details on ugc distribution site (french)
> Movie details on allocine allocine (french)
> Article in "‘Le Chat du Rabbin’ en 3D de Joann Sfar" (05/01/2011) (french)
> Article in Première magazine: "PHOTOS - Le Chat du Rabbin : premières images du film d’animation de Joann Sfar" (10/11/2010) (french)
> Video showing training with real actors (french)
> Article in l'Express magazine: "Joann Sfar: Chat tourne !" (13/08/2008) (french)

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