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Timing: Jun 06 2023 09:25:04
Script start
Timing: Jun 06 2023 09:25:04
Module start 'content'
Timing: Jun 06 2023 09:25:04
Module end 'content'
Timing: Jun 06 2023 09:25:04
Script end

Main resources:

Total runtime0.0422 sec
Peak memory usage3,328.0000 KB

Timing points:

CheckpointStart (sec)Duration (sec)Memory at start (KB)Memory used (KB)
Script start 0.00000.0122 1,047.8516610.1484
Module start 'content' 0.01220.0101 1,658.0000548.8438
Module end 'content' 0.02240.0196 2,206.8438932.5313
Script end 0.0419  3,139.3750 

Time accumulators:

 Accumulator Duration (sec) Duration (%) Count Average (sec)
Ini load
Load cache0.013331.5622310.0004
Check MTime0.00378.6727310.0001
Mysql Total
Database connection0.00051.162210.0005
Looping result0.00020.369930.0001
Template Total0.032877.920.0164
Template load0.00419.771020.0021
Template processing0.028667.846220.0143
Cache load0.00256.018020.0013
String conversion0.00010.120520.0000
Note: percentages do not add up to 100% because some accumulators overlap

Templates used to render the page:

UsageRequested templateTemplateTemplate loadedEditOverride
1pagelayout.tpl<No override>extension/chatdurabbin/design/chatdurabbin/templates/pagelayout.tplEdit templateOverride template
1setup/debug_toolbar.tpl<No override>design/standard/templates/setup/debug_toolbar.tplEdit templateOverride template
 Number of times templates used: 2
 Number of unique templates used: 2

Time used to render debug report: 0.0010 secs